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In the past ten years a wide variety of cases have resulted in companies paying restitution to victims injured by the negligent driving of an employee distracted by a cell phone. With settlements and verdicts ranging from $1.5 to $21 million employees who use cell phones while driving are a costly risk for your company – ZoomSafer Distracted Driving whitepaper January 2010

On-the-job crashes cost employers $24,500 per crash, $150,000 per injury, and $3.6 million per fatality. Today, smart companies require employees to go cell phone free while driving and follow-up on their employee’s compliance.

Ideas for Businesses:

1. Adopt a cell phone free while driving policy for your company. A sample of a cell phone free company policy can be found HERE.

2. Encourage employees and their families and friends to take the No Phone Zone pledge and commit to cell free driving.

3. Provide No Phone Zone reminders in all company owned, leased or rented vehicles. Give pledge reminders to employees for their cars.

4. Conduct distracted driving dangers awareness training meetings.

5. Send out reminders to employees of your company’s cell phone free driving policies and audit your performance.

6. Download call forwarding apps onto all company owned smart phones. The app can be activated manually by employees when they start to drive or automatically on GPS equipped phones.

Other Ways for Businesses to get Involved:

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